[OM] Boy, did I stir up a storm !

Subject: [OM] Boy, did I stir up a storm !
From: "Jon Mitchell" <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 19:47:28 -0000
Hi Guys,
Well, I certainly did start something with my Digtal SLR questions the
other day.  Thanks to everyone who responded, both on and off list.
As expected I have had recommendations for the Olympus cameras, Nikons
and Canons.  Everyone is going to defend their decisions, and this is
natural, but the reasons for your choices have been enlightening.
Of particular note was something that had been sitting at the back of my
mind (and was the reason I had discounted Nikon originally, and one
reason I was swaying away from Canon).  As has been said, the actual
camera is a tiny part of the equation.  They will all perform well, each
having areas of strength and weakness compared to the others.  Thinking
in terms of the system, however, means thinking of the lenses and other
accessories available.  As I said, I had discounted Nikon for this
reason as their glass can be very expensive.  Canon seem to have a range
of lenses at a range of price points, but for the really good glass it
seems you have to pay big bucks (or pounds !).
I'm going to go and do some more research over the next few days.
Friday I will be trying to persuade the local Jessops or LCE (London
Camera Exchange, for those that don't know) to lend me a couple to try
for an hour or so.  Just wandering around the town to see how I get on.
Probably the one and only thing that is against Olympus in this argument
(for me at least) is "will the system continue to grow" as the OM line
did (I'm talking lenses & accessories here, not bodies) or will I be
buying into a system which is about to sink.  There's been a lot of
pessimistic talk recently.  I wouldn't normally take heed of this, but
as I'm about to part with a large lump of my hard-earned cash I am
getting a bit nervous.
Thanks again for all the replies, and keep your thoughts coming !

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