[OM] Re: Lowepro AW and AW II - differences and similarities.

Subject: [OM] Re: Lowepro AW and AW II - differences and similarities.
From: Mike Lees <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 12:20:22 +0000

I'm sure I will be corrected if this is wrong, but I think we'll need 
some more information before we can help!

 From what I understand the "AW" in Lowepro product names stands for 
"All Weather" and means the bag will come with a waterproof cover.

So which product are asking about? For example I just bought a Topload 
Zoom AW.

The Lowepro web site gives good information about all there current 
products (http://www.lowepro.com) but I'm not sure it compares them to 
older models.


Fernando Gonzalez Gentile wrote:
>Good morning list,
>I'm in the process of buying an AW, but all the info I can gather in the net
>refers to the AW II.
>It may seem obvious that the AW is a discontinued model, but are the
>improvements made to the AW II such an important issue? Which are those
>improvements - I cannot find a side by side comparison.
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List usage info:     http://www.zuikoholic.com
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