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Hi John,

No pub :-) It was once a mill but is now a private residence. The no entry
sign is a warning to avoid the course taken by the water intake for the

I took a couple of shots the week before with that 'other' camera because
the water was really still and the reflections were good. I couldn't get the
full on angle without shorter lenses so I went back a week later with the
300mm which gave me the reach but the wind messed up the reflections.

The mill is located at Great Doddington.
This is the one where I couldn't get the angle:

The front of the mill:

the bridge I was on for the 'front' shot.

Thanks for looking.


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> Graham:
> Where abouts in the Green and Pleasant Land is this? My wife and I are
> going
> to England next month and I would like to stand in your shoes for this
> shot;
> it is really a truly lovely picture.
> I have to smile at the no entry sign on the river bank at the bottom right
> of the picture. The building at the right with the brown roof wouldn't by
> chance happen to be a river side pub with the sign being a warning for
> river
> trafficc not to crowd out the mooring dock when the pub opened!
> jh

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