[OM] : Confession time + Zuiko notes

Subject: [OM] : Confession time + Zuiko notes
From: "Brian Swale" <bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 17:03:52 +1300
Wayne wrote
> I guess it had to happen eventually.  A few days ago I was offered a NIB
> E-300 with 14-45mm at a price I couldn't refuse, so now I have it.  First
> impressions: Well balanced, controls well placed, auto focus seems reliable, 
> metering works pretty well, menu navigation ok, colour excellent, bokeh of 
> 14-45
> bad, lens sharpness seems a bit lacking.  Here are a few examples shot near 
> work
> or home, hand held, aperture priority mode, ESP metering, just resized and
> sharpened a bit:

Nice photos.  I especially like the one of the dried thistle seed-heads.

Also the B&W shot.

The bokeh of the shot of the rusty wire with grass in the rear is just what 
you'd get with any lens and a busy background like that is. I bet any lens will 
do about the same. The background is just too finely textured with a fine 
contrasty grid of dried grass stems. Period.

And the shot of the back-lit leaves with little specks of bright sky showing 
through the tree canopy behind; well that bokeh is equally predictable; in fact 
I've got a very good lens or two which would yield lots worse bokeh in that 
situation. At least they are not "O"-rings !!

Have fun Wayne. It's a whole another experience, not to mention 

Somebody mentioned using OM lenses on an E body.

Although I am not on the position of being able to compare with ZD macro 
lenses, I am very happy with using a Zuiko 50/3.5 macro on the E-1 to copy 
old B&W (often sepia) prints. Old, as in more than 100 years old.

I set the exposure evaluation mode to central mode only, and the EV to 
minus 1.7. Minus even more if there is a lot of bright white such as dresses 
that I want to catch the detail of.  Although I can't work miracles, it's 
how much detail is sometimes in these old prints.  Most of them are 
professional studio prints and can be quite sharp, and usually printed "soft" I 
think it is; very non-contrasty anyway. The amateur photos however, were 
usually processed by a chemist (pharmacist to some people) or their 
contractor, and are often very contrasty. They are hard work to get nice.

I am using these shots for web display. Just for fun I should get one or two 
printed full size on paper, to really test the copying..


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