[OM] Re: Using Fl-50 w/ ZD 50 - 200mm lens

Subject: [OM] Re: Using Fl-50 w/ ZD 50 - 200mm lens
From: "Wiliam Wagenaar" <wiliam@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 22:15:28 +0100
Ali wrote:
I am going to borrow a friend's FL-50 and want to take pix at an
upcoming banquet. Wanted 
to find out the Fl-50 w/ ZD 50 - 200 is a good combination?!? I thought
I might like the 
increased zoooom while taking pix of kids during their little plays. I
also have the 14 - 55 to 
fall back on if not.
Hi Ali,
Yes, using the FL-50 combined with the 50-200mm works just fine. I have
some placed on http://www.emm-jeugdkamp.nl/html/18-19_febr.html More
than half of them were taken with this combo. Others with the 14-54mm.
Photo's were sized down so much they are not too sharp anymore, but you
can evaluate the lighting quite well.
Just go ahead.

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