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Subject: [OM] Re: north/south carolina
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 15:41:08 -0800
Walt Wayman wrote:
> Kem,
> Happy to learn you enjoyed your trip.  I'm exhausted just reading about it.  
> Talk about some speed tourism!
Yeah, I'd rather work than take that kind of vacation. ;-)
> My wife and I have scheduled a trip for the third week in May which goes into 
> the "Smokey" at a much more leisurely pace.  All distances are approximate 
> and rounded off to the nearest 10 miles.
> Atlanta to Gatlinburg, 220 mi.  (I know short cuts and how to avoid Pidgeon 
> Forge.)
> In Gatlinburg for 3 days, with side trips and running around of maybe 200 mi.
> Gatlinburg to Asheville, over the mountains and up the Blue Ridge Parkway: 
> 180 mi.
> In Asheville for three days, with side trips and running around of maybe 200 
> mi.
> Back to Atlanta, 230 mi.
I did that loop from your birthplace a few Christmases ago. Took a 
little less time, drove a little less distance. I'm afraid I didn't 
'get' Gaitlinburg. Of course, it was winter, but the weather was pretty 
nice. Is it just a Southern thing, or something else wrong with me? The 
trip across the Great Smokey Hills was nice, we stopped in some little 
valley and wandered around old buildings, etc. for a while. Asheville 
was nice. I really enjoyed the Christmas at the Biltmore experience, 
dinner in the converted coach house, choir singing around the huge tree 
in the atrium, etc.


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