[OM] Oh, my, that thing's HUGE!

Subject: [OM] Oh, my, that thing's HUGE!
From: "Scott Gomez" <scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 21:49:58 -0800
Unfortunately, I wasn't getting a compliment from a lady.

It's my new 50-200 Zuiko Digital, which arrived today along with the 50
Macro ZD from B&H. I was quite surprised to see just how large the
50-200 is, compared to what I expected. Regardless, I've two new toys to
play with. :-)

First, just playin' around impressions are really only with the 50
Macro, which I have to say I truly like, already, very easy to use and a
useful "walking around" lens, as it'll handle standard photography just
fine as well.

The 50-200 is gonna have to wait for time and daylight.

Scott Gomez
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