[OM] Re: Canon cartridges was Epson 1280 Printer Question

Subject: [OM] Re: Canon cartridges was Epson 1280 Printer Question
From: David Carter <spotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 17:00:59 +1200
 On the subject of ink cartridges

Today I had to pay to my Canon printer "fixed". The problem being noticeable
in the colours, with green printing as yellow. All because I placed a Photo
Cyan rather than a Cyan ink cartridge in it.  I should have used a BCI-6C
rather than the BCI-6PC. :-[ 


AG Schnozz wrote: It must. I went down and looked at the box. It's Ilford
Gallerie Classic Pearl, not glossy as I remembered. I've used about 6 sheets
before giving up. You can't put anything on it for at least 3 days. Well,
I'manother day north of you on I-35... With the Canon printer, the ink is
dryto the touch in about two minutes and takes overnight for the surface
swelling to have receded. The dyes are absorbed to the emulsion and sealed
off. Pigment inks are not compatible with the classic paper. The instant-dry
paper (which actually evaperates the ink carrier through the back) is
literally dry instantly. Coming right out of the printer it's Arizona dry. I
use the instant stuff for on-site proof prints. AG
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