[OM] Re: Hey, get that yellow stuff out of my hair

Subject: [OM] Re: Hey, get that yellow stuff out of my hair
From: Mike Lees <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 10:58:39 +0000
Have you any more info on your home-made cross-pol kit?

I am trying to get some reasonable images of some oil paintings for a
friend, and I think this technique may solve certain of my problems.

Natural light is just too diffuse so none of the texture can be seen. A
couple of flashes either side of the camera seem to work well but the
glare spoils it.

Polarising material seems quite hard to find: I found some here:


Does this look like the right kind of thing to use?



Nick Wilson wrote:
> I have liked the twin flash better than the ring flash, although that is 
> good too. The cross-pol technique is great for the twin flash, and more 
> practical to home-make too than for the ring flash, although I guess it 
> could be done! Get rid of those nasty highlights. I would love the 
> polarising filter for the ring flash Olly made, if someone has one for 
> $0.50 or so ;-) .

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