[OM] Re: How young we all are in 2006

Subject: [OM] Re: How young we all are in 2006
From: Chris Crawford <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 18:33:59 -0700

Thanks for the compliments. I grew up in Indiana, and the midwest seems to
be virgin territory for photography. You rarely see books of photos of that
part of the country, and the photographers I knew in my hometown all refused
to photograph in Indiana because they claimed there was nothing there worth
photographing. They all traveled to California, New Mexico, and other places
with more dramatic landscape. I live in New Mexico now, moved here because I
graduated from Indiana University seven years ago and despite applying for
more than 700 (yes, SEVEN HUNDRED) jobs I only had one interview at which I
was told that I was unemployable because I'd gotten an art degree. I did
some freelance photography and graphic design but never made enough to live.
My family kept me for a while then kicked me out and I lived with friends
and family, moving around as people got tired of feeding me. I finally ended
up homeless again and so I sold some possessions and used the money to drive
to Santa Fe. I stayed with a friend who lives here and it only took a few
weeks for me to start getting commercial work. Now I am the webmaster,
graphic artist, and photographer for a local company and making a good
living.  I miss Indiana. I honestly think the land was more beautiful there
despite New Mexico's famed landscape, and I miss the many interesting people
I met over the years there. But I will never go back to live there. I've had
enough 'starving artist' poverty to last 3 lifetimes. The funny thing was, I
grew up in a big city of almost 300,000 people and there just wasn't any
place for creative people there. Santa Fe is a tiny town, only 65,000 people
but I feel welcome here in a way I never did in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In New Mexico I have tried to avoid the usual subjects. I am interested in
forgotten places and unknown people, like the people and places I gravitated
toward in the midwest.

Chris Crawford
Santa Fe, NM
Photography of Indiana and New Mexico


On 12/20/06 5:31 PM, "Nick Wilson" <toona@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Chris Crawford wrote:
>> I'm 31, just joined the list.
> I really enjoyed the brief dip into your site, Chris. I will explore a
> bit more when I have a chance. A lot of interest and oddities (in a nice
> way). You get right into a subject, if I might say so. I like the faded
> sense of place for some of those
> Also, some of your self portraits reminded me of Nick Cave...only taller.
> Nick (not Cave)
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