[OM] Re: HDR? [was] Digital Black and White

Subject: [OM] Re: HDR? [was] Digital Black and White
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 22:33:13 -0400
You may be quite right.  I just went back to some work I did about a 
year ago trying to make some HDR type images from  5-7 raw images shot 
about 1 stop apart.  This is long before I had ACR and everything was 
done with multiple layers and masks trying to pick the best parts of 
multiple images.

I just now picked the one with the widest dynamic range (one side of 
room rather dark with brilliant afternoon sun streaming through the 
window at the other end of the room).  Running just the single exposure 
middle image through ACR I produced in less than a minute or two 
something quite a bit better than trying to combine all that other stuff 
manually.  That's not exactly the same as what you're saying but with 
all those other exposures I had more material to work with than simply 
trying to pull three separate exposures out of a single file.

Chuck Norcutt

Moose wrote:

> I wish to take exception to one thing in the link that started this thread.
> ---------------------------------------------
> "Although it was not something I was especially looking for when I first 
> bought...., its increased dynamic range in color work was the most 
> apparent improvement over 35mm slide film. ..., but the estimated three 
> stops more dynamic range that RAW files gave me over slide film was an 
> unexpected revelation....
> All this was apparent immediately, using single exposures in RAW, but 
> making multiple adjustments of that one file for highlights, midtones 
> and shadows, that were then combined in Photoshop with adjustment layers 
> and layer masks."
> ----------------------------------------------
> I have read this idea in several places and have explored the 
> possibilities. I have come to the firm conclusion that this extra effort 
> is never necessary if you convert to 16 bit and work in 16 bit.

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