[OM] Re: Fwd: Media Release: Revolutionary Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III redef

Subject: [OM] Re: Fwd: Media Release: Revolutionary Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III redefines professional photography
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 03:52:16 -0700
Andrew Fildes wrote:
> This sentence has three qualifiers! 
But it is not the sentence in question. That sentence was "And if you 
have a spare couple of grand, there's a new 14 mm prime coming."

Where are the qualifiers there? Sounds pretty straightforward and 
certain to me. The sentence with the qualifiers was an example I gave of 
what I might have said, as opposed to the above quote, had I only 
suspected a lens might be in the offing, and thus, appropriately, 
carefully qualified.
> (think, will, sometime) as well as the 'S' in parentheses which suggests 'not 
> necessarily very wide'.
"S" as in super - super wide angle.  A common enough usage, but I should 
clearly have been more detailed and specific - at least for you.
> "I think C will be coming out with one or more new (S)WAs sometime."
> And I was pointing out that it was announced now, not 'coming' in the  
> possible interpretation of an announcement being imminent rather than  
> the object itself. 
I didn't say "there's an announcement coming of new 14 mm prime to come 
some time, probably some considerable time, after said announcement." I 
said it's coming and has a price.
> I was clearly commenting on the announcement itself, rather than the 
> announcement of the existence of the lens. 
Which is exactly what I was commenting was an irrelevant and unnecessary 
thing to do. I foolishly assumed that the forthcoming existence of the 
lens is what would be of interest to someone as regards WA lenses for 
the FF Cs, whereas an announcement of the announcement that it would be 
forthcoming might, understandably, be of less interest once the coming 
of the lens was already known.
> Tsk.
> If you want to be pedantic, you're going to have to be a bloody site better 
> than that - B minus.
Pshaw! I spit on your grades. (and, as usual, disagree  ;-)    )

Moose, who may not be as renowned for spitting as a camel, but still....

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