[OM] Guess it doesn't have to be Olympus to be a Fang . . .

Subject: [OM] Guess it doesn't have to be Olympus to be a Fang . . .
From: NSURIT@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 16:51:24 EDT
I've been after a Seal 210M dry mount press for what seems like a long time  
and the right press at the right price has eluded me . . . until an hour or so 
 ago. eBay# 320148862370 will be shipped to me at about 35-45% of what 
similar  presses are being sold and shipped for these days. Yes, the shipping 
insurance was more than item, however it is a great deal on an item I needed to 
 round out the new darkroom equipment.  No, I won't be dry mounting anything  
with it, but will be using it to flatten B&W prints made in a real (read  
that as "wet") darkroom.  I'm excited . . . Bill  Barber

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