[OM] Re: little rant on e-mail politeness

Subject: [OM] Re: little rant on e-mail politeness
From: Marc Lawrence <montsnmags@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 21:36:28 +1000
Andrew Fildes wrote:
> I assume you mean State - although the idea of a Stage Government is  
> fun.

Correct, and yes, it would be fun. (on the List I help run, highlighting 
spelling errors by self-elected "Spelling Sherrifs" is permitted so long 
as the spelling error introduces a different angle :-) ).

> I am a member of the Victorian Institute of Teachers, an organisation  
> introduced by the State Government as a compulsory professional  
> registration body...
> It is massively unpopular and the two people elected to its board in  
> the last election both stood on the platform of dismantling totally  
> as soon as possible.

More power to them (but, rather more likely, less).

> Dya think the State Government will get the message?
> Even if they do, it won't matter a damn

They will do anything they can to appear to be doing everything they can 
"for the children" (see the federal government's reaction to the 
cracking by a kid of their heavily-funded "internet porn-filter"). 
Effectiveness is secondary, followed a long way back by responsibility. 
It's your fault you know. All you care about is the enormous wage and 
the awed respect from children and parents. Damned teachers. "Won't 
someone *please* think of the children" (gratuitous Simpsons quote).

Sydney, Oz

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