[OM] Re: Here is a great example of an eBay seller to whom I'd like to s

Subject: [OM] Re: Here is a great example of an eBay seller to whom I'd like to send a note . . .
From: John Hermanson <omtech1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 08:52:16 -0400
That's too sad and funny.  Yous guys are cruel.

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Andrew Fildes wrote:
> Oh shit - that's just cruel.
> Tell him that it has to do with the length of the metering needle and  
> can he give you a shot through the viewfinder...
> Andrew Fildes
> afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> On 28/08/2007, at 9:28 AM, Lawrence Plummer wrote:
>> OK, time to help me out.  I received a message back from the seller:
>>      How could i confirm this?
>>      - darcarjes
>> in response to my message:
>>      It is a bit hard to confirm from photo, but it appears that your
>>      OM is actually one of the extremely rare models from the secret
>>      Wyoming factory (http://johnlind.tripod.com/omwyfactory.html). Very,
>>      very few of the OM-1 models came out of this factory.
>> larry
>>> larry wrote:
>>> I couldn't resist, I sent him a very serious message confirming  
>>> that he
>> did
>>> indeed >have one of the "secret Wyoming factory" versions in his
>> possession.
>>> Also pointed >him to John Lind's site
>>> (http://johnlind.tripod.com/omwyfactory.html) to help him >out.
>>> larry

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