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Subject: [OM] Re: iStock
From: Nathan Wajsman <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 22:58:01 +0200
Prompted by some of these exchanges, I have today signed up with  
iStock; I uploaded my 3 images and am now waiting for the acceptance.  
I have been on Alamy for a while, but I suppose the kind of images I  
make do not sell well there. But even more annoying is the archaic  
interface--until they see fit to give you upload "privileges" you are  
forced to submit images by mailing them CDs or DVDs. Totally 19th  
century. Compared to this, iStock is a breath of fresh air.

As for those who bemoan the new business models--they can stay on  
their high horse. The market for stock photography has changed, and  
trying to charge $500 for a generic stock image today is akin to King  
Canute sitting on the beach and ordering the tide to stop. He got wet  


On 28-aug-2007, at 14:31, Garth Wood wrote:

> AG Schnozz wrote:
>> Chris Crawford wrote:
>>> No. I refuse to give my work away while some big corporation gets
>>> rich off me work.
>> Amen, bro.  No one raindrop thinks that it is responsible for the
>> flood.
> Er, iStockPhoto's a local Calgary company, and by no stretch of the
> imagination would I call it "big."  More like "entrepreneurial  
> startup."
>   And while some here on the List might sneer at such an effort, it's
> been truly helpful to some commercial photography startups --
> particularly in the former Communist Bloc countries -- in establishing
> themselves.  Here's a good example:
>       http://bubutim.com/
> Much the same way that Renderosity or DAZ (for 3D artists and  
> modelers)
> have helped many otherwise ordinary folk bust into the world of  
> high-end
> 3D modeling.
> I've never contributed anything to iStockPhoto, but that's only  
> because
> I don't think my images are anywhere near good enough.  (I *have*
> contributed some free 3D models to PoserPros, though...)
> Garth
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