[OM] Re: Great new Olympus Odyssey Picture

Subject: [OM] Re: Great new Olympus Odyssey Picture
From: John Hermanson <omtech1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 10:17:23 -0400
If, after the chrome body has gone to everybody and it comes back to me 
for a free post-torture checkup, can I reshoot my pics? I know, no 
reshoots, but I juts wanted to say it :-)

John Hermanson
Camtech Photo Services, Inc.
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Steve Dropkin wrote:
> Jeff Keller wrote:
>> I've posted Joel's great pictures from when he had the chrome Olympus
>> Odyssey camera.
>> <http://www.olympus-photography.com/Olympus-Odyssey/gallery_chrome_1.htm#J_Wilcox>
> Hmmm ... and my Oly Ody pictures get to follow _those_? Wait -- I 
> think I need the camera back. :-)
> Very nice, Joel!
> Steve

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