[OM] Re: A minor freebee

Subject: [OM] Re: A minor freebee
From: "Joel Wilcox" <jfwilcox@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 09:02:43 -0500
On 9/17/07, Leandro DUTRA <leandro.gfc.dutra@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 2007/9/17, Joel Wilcox <jfwilcox@xxxxxxxxx>:
> >
> > I've had enough Fangs via you, and I think somebody else should
> > benefit, but I do have an extra adaptall adapter that's not doing
> > anything, so don't throw that Tamron out if you don't get another
> > taker for it!
> Joel, if you are really worried about fairness, how much do you want
> to ship this adapter to Brazil?  ;-)

Not really worried enough to participate in a litmus test on my
worries about fairness. ;^)

But you can make your best offer.  Out of fairness I should however
let you know it's an AI adapter. :)

Joel W.

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