[OM] Re: The one dollar digital camera

Subject: [OM] Re: The one dollar digital camera
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 16:14:52 -0400
No, I didn't mean pixel peeping at 1:1 but with a full-sun, 400x400 JPEG 
image you couldn't tell if it was taken with a top-of-the-line DSLR or 
$99 point and shoot.

And I wouldn't call what you did "normalizing" or "dumbing down" but 
rather screwing around with the image.  A "normal print", especially an 
11x14 or larger (which, IMHO, is all that counts in this comparison) is 
very much different than a "normal screen display" so I don't understand 
how your 400x400 image can represent either one.

I don't understand your continuing fascination with trying to show that 
film is as good digital.  I gave up on film (mostly) when the digital 
got to be as good as or better than the film because the digital gave me 
better results via the ability to do post-processing without the bother, 
time and expense of film and scanning.  But I still find a simple film 
camera to be very valuable when you need something light and compact and 
can't be bothered with batteries and backups.

Chuck Norcutt

AG Schnozz wrote:
> Dr Flash wrote:
>> Based on a 400x400 pixel image?  Surely you jest.
> Nope, I'm serious.  I "normalized" the images as much as possible to
> mimick the end result of a normal print or screen display. Some would
> say "dumbed down" and that isn't too far out.
> If you want to "pixel-peep", that's your business. But this
> comparison was the opposite of "pixel-peeping", but more in line with
> the typical output.
> I will probably put together a pixel-peeper comparison, but to what
> end?  Unless the end result is a print at maximum possible size, it
> really doesn't matter. For anything 11x14 and smaller, I can get the
> output of film and the E-1 to be virtually indestinguishable.
> ken
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