[OM] Re: Olympus e-510 question

Subject: [OM] Re: Olympus e-510 question
From: Nathan Wajsman <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 07:12:24 +0200
I never noticed anything other than the light on either the E410 or  
the E3. However, I know the system works, because I now live in a  
pretty dusty environment, with desert and sand around me, and my  
sensor is clean.

I would tell your friend to stop worrying and just take pictures.


On 1-apr-2008, at 4:15, NSURIT@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I've recommended the e-510 package to several friends, three of  
> whom have
> purchased the two lens kit.  One fellow says he doesn't think the  
> sensor
> cleaner is working because he could hear it working when he first  
> got the camera
> and now the light comes on but he does hear anything.  The only  
> noise I've
> heard is the IS system shutting down when I turn the e-3 off.
> Here is what he says:
> When I first got the camera I could feel and  hear the shake. Now   
> I don't
> hear or feel anything but the light is coming  on. You think it is  
> working?
> I've told him I don't think there is a  problem.  What say you  
> folks with the
> e-510?
> Bill  Barber
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