[OM] Re: Printers R1900 or B9180

Subject: [OM] Re: Printers R1900 or B9180
From: "Daniel Sepke" <daniel.sepke@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 13:08:32 -0400
I have a smaller Canon printer that I keep around pretty much solely for CD
printing. Officially the US model Canon printers do not do CD printing due
to a "marketing agreement" with, I think Epson. The printing trays are
available via eBay and the firmware switch is non invasive and totally
reversible. The Canon model I have is the iP4500 which I picked for $50 with
a rebate via Amazon.

There are other options but none likely as cheap at this one.

Dan S.

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Subject: [OM] Re: Printers R1900 or B9180

I'm still cogitating the same thing.  It appears the B9180 may be the
superior printing machine but I see the lack of CD printing as a big
drawback.  Putting sticky paper labels on CD's I think is highly undesirable
and that's one of the reasons I'd like to upgrade my printer.  Any other

Chuck Norcutt

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