[OM] Re: OM 2N vs OM4T(i) - Relative reliability/repairability

Subject: [OM] Re: OM 2N vs OM4T(i) - Relative reliability/repairability
From: Andrew Fildes <afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 08:56:09 +1100
Yes - and around the Olympus Trip lens (great little no battery unit  
which is why we loved it for school teaching).
But the size of the cell is critical so that it becomes a major  
freature of the camera. For instance, if offered the choice of a  
Canon 7 (oh pleeeease) with a big selenium panel on the front, or the  
later 7s with a little CDS 'eye' cell, guess which one I'd find more  
Also, it was impossible to build cells into the mirror box for TTL  
Andrew Fildes

On 05/04/2008, at 8:44 AM, Leandro DUTRA wrote:

> 2008/4/4, Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Selenium is photo-voltaic meaning it generates a voltage on its  
>> own with
>>  enough power to drive a meter without a battery.  However, the  
>> output
>>  power is proportional to the size of the piece of selenium and it
>>  requires a pretty large chunk to move the needle on an exposure  
>> meter.
> Thus the translucent circle around Pen EE lenses?
> -- 

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