[OM] Re: I think the E-510 is the DSLR for me....

Subject: [OM] Re: I think the E-510 is the DSLR for me....
From: Gary Teller <gmteller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 00:05:36 -0400

My wife seems to be OK with me spending several hundred $$$ on this 
so long as I sell some of my film based gear. Of course, she didn't 
say 'which' gear. Gosh, I'd hate to part with some of the stuff but 
the OM-2, not the 2N, could be sent bye bye. I do have kind of a soft 
spot for it, though. It was a rescue camera. Found it at a garage 
sale about 4 years ago along with some Zuiko lenses. The poor thing 
had such a mildew odor. For that kind of treatment the seller didn't 
deserve the $15 I gave him. Used it for a while until the 2N came 
along as part of package deal from a guy selling off nearly 
everything he owned prior to his moving to a retirement home. I Sold 
off all his non OLY stuff and ended up with what worked out to be a 
free 2N.  A 1N, 2N and XA are really all the OLY film bodies I need 
to keep so who knows, the OM-2 might end up FS on this list.


4/6/2008 "Leandro DUTRA" <leandro.gfc.dutra@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: [OM] Re: I think the E-510 is the DSLR fo
>I am accepting donations of OM-2N!  ;-)
>Just kidding, if you decide to sell it, it should still have a nice
>selling value.

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