[OM] Snatching Defeat ...

Subject: [OM] Snatching Defeat ...
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2008 07:26:13 -0700
I have to say that I got caught up in the excitement over the Sigma- 
DP1, a small pocketable camera with the potential for image quality on  
a par with a DSLR. The lack of a modest zoom was disappointing, but   
maybe understandable to keep the size small and if the little lens is  
a really good one...   A viewfinder was a big plus, but not being  
built in was a minus. Oh well. It may snag every time you put it into  
a pocket, but at least it has a cute retro look like a camera from  
sixty years ago. Sure pricey though.

Then I saw some images, preproduction admittedly, and saw with some  
careful looking that, although sharp, the Foveon high ISO noise  
problem had not been dealt with and was considerably worse than that  
on any DSLR.

This morning dpreview passed on the info of an update to the Sigma raw  
processing software to correct the color reproduction by removing the  
green in the corners of DP1 images. Wonderful. An image peculiarity  
that can only be corrected by the maker's software.  Also announced  
was firmware which will add "composition grids for most shooting  
modes."  Apparently marketing schizophrenia has seized Sigma and they  
expect to sell a camera with entry level features for 5 times the  
price without a zoom lens and a noise level no better(and maybe worse)  
than a Fuji point and shoot.

Excitement gone and skepticism high, at least for now.

Long Beach, California, USA

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