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Subject: [OM] Re: Just when you thought...
From: "Daniel Sepke" <daniel.sepke@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 13:44:12 -0400

In the interests of clarity on what the rules are, and I want to be clear I
am not taking sides here, you will not be subject to a 21 day hold on your
funds unless you fail to meet your buyers expectations. The 21 day hold will
only be applied if the following occurs:

* your buyer dissatisfaction percentage is less than 5%. (eBay have not been
clear on how this is judged)
* your average DSR is 4.5 or greater and
* you have received 20 or more DSRs in the last 12 months.

Yes these rules do apply to people in the circumstance you are in, i.e. less
than 100 feedback overall. They also apply if they have been registered for
less than 6 months. But they only apply to people in these two groups.
Avoiding low ratings is simply about honesty in descriptions with good
pictures of any flaws and shipping when you say you will. Yes there are bad
apples out there but I still think most buyers are not out to scam sellers. 

Requiring and only allowing PayPal as the payment method on eBay has been
coming for years now. I have thought this since the day they bought the
company and I hope that in the US it will be subject to a monopoly
investigation. I am sure we in the US will see the PayPal only requirement
by the end of this year at the latest.

I have given the changes at eBay a great deal of thought over the last three
months. The feedback system is being significantly changed for sellers, with
the removal of the ability to post neutral or negative flagged comments from
the start of May. While I do not rely on eBay as a source of income I do
enjoy it as a hobby facilitator as many here do. I firmly believe that if as
a seller I provide a service to the level expect from others I will not have
to go through the wringer with the changes. I will admit that these rules
are not what I would like to see but as an individual I have little voice or
power other than my feet walking away and I am not ready to do that.

Yours, Dan S.

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Subject: [OM] Re: Just when you thought...

Ali Shah wrote:
> Seriously? How can they enforce this?

It's called "Terms of Service," which you agree to by entering into the
auction.  Basically the terms of contracting with eBay.  In my case, since I
have less than 100 completed transactions with eBay, I have no choice in the
matter -- it's get payed via PayPal, or nothin.'  (I also don't get the
funds released to me for three weeks after the auctions end; price I pay for
getting global exposure for my stuff, I guess...)

> What about
> people with less than perfect Cr*dit who cant get a paybuddy account? 
> Are they basically screwed?

If they have a credit card, they can use PayPal to *pay* without having a
PayPal account, I believe (at least, I've done that through several on-line
stores in the past few months).  If they don't have a credit card, yeah,
they're screwed.  But then, without credit in modern Western societies,
you're generally screwed anyways (one of the reasons why ID theft is so
devastating to the victims...).


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