[OM] Re: Seattle trip and questions about the FL-50 vs. FL-50R flashes

Subject: [OM] Re: Seattle trip and questions about the FL-50 vs. FL-50R flashes
From: "Timpe, Jim" <Jim.Timpe@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 06:21:29 -0700
Brief answer for now.  As I have mentioned recently, as far as I can
determine, there are no brick and mortar stores in the metropolitan
Seattle area that currently carry Oly SLR stuff.  At least not piecemeal
like you're looking for.  Some (bust buy etc.) may carry the two lens
kits of the 510/410, maybe even 420 by now.   As far as I know, though,
that would be it.  

Your trip timing lends itself to a trip up into the Skagit Valley for
tulip festival http://www.tulipfestival.org/ .  It's technically over
April 30, but I've heard our unseasonably cold spring may have prolonged
the blooming time for the flora. May still be snow geese around as well.
And the occasional bald eagle or two, like Mike has recently captured.  

Then too, weather cooperating, there's nothing like a ferry ride from,
and then back to downtown Seattle.  Right time of day, and again,
weather being cooperative (I had eight inches of snow at my house, which
is right outside the metropolitan region, Friday night), the skyline is
quite photogenic.

Your time's too short or I'd even recommend a trip five hours southwest
to the Oregon Coast.  Some of the most photogenic coastline in this
country if not the world.

For shops, you'll have to take in Pike Place Market.  Famous for the
fish tossing mongers.  Great eclectic mix of shops.  

There are only a few of us in the region, but I'm sure you'll get lots
of great suggestions.  I'll ruminate over it and may toss some more
ideas your way.

Sorry we can't be more cooperative in the gear hunting arena.  It's a
pretty dry region for us connoisseurs of Oly SLR.

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Subject: [OM] Seattle trip and questions about the FL-50 vs. FL-50R

Hi guys,

As mentioned in my previous message (i.e. the TOPE 34 shooting  
interval closure announcement), I'll be visiting my sister who lives  
in Seattle, from May 3rd - May 11th.
As this will be my first time to Seattle, I was wondering if someone  
could perhaps give me some good recommendations for sightseeing, or  
perhaps for interesting shops to visit. Naturally my sister should  
already pretty well know where to go, and it looks like down-town  
Seattle, the space needle, Snoqualmy (SP?), Mount Rainier and perhaps  
Vancouver may make it to the program...

Then, on another note, to make use of the good (for us Europeans, that  
is) Euro - Dollar exchange rate, I think now would be an excellent  
time to buy an external flash for my Oly E-500. The ones that tempt me  
most, are the FL-50 and the FL-50R, however, unfortunately lately I've  
had (and will continue to have) preciously little time to do my own  
research, so I'm hoping to rely on your expertise for a few questions:
1) To FL50 or to FL-50R? From what I heard (but haven't verified it  
myself) the FL-50R version is intenden for the E-3 and supports off- 
camera flash? If so, that would be a nice extra, even if at present I  
have no E-3 body... Also, my father came across an FL-50 for around  
$370 and an FL-50R for around $440. Can anyone tell me if the 'R'  
addition is well-worth those additional $70 (I would guess yes)?
2) What would be a good place to buy one (i.e. low-cost...), either in  
Seattle or by mail-order (in advance to my trip over there)?
3) Is anyone aware of any special offers that are currently available  
4) Anything else that people can recommend me flash-wise?
5) Just wishful thinking, probably, but are there by any chance also  
good offers on E-3 bodies, and/or perhaps combinations of an E-3 with  
an FL-50R (and/or 1 or 2 lenses)?

O.k., I hope you guys can give me some good advise; even if it  
consists of solely your thoughts, rather than facts....:)


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