[OM] Re: Seattle trip and questions about the FL-50 vs. FL-50R flashes

Subject: [OM] Re: Seattle trip and questions about the FL-50 vs. FL-50R flashes
From: Tim O'Donoghue <tjod@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 06:28:18 -0700
Tall's Camera in Seattle (several locations) carries Olympus. I bought 
my 510 there.

Timpe, Jim wrote:
> Brief answer for now.  As I have mentioned recently, as far as I can
> determine, there are no brick and mortar stores in the metropolitan
> Seattle area that currently carry Oly SLR stuff.  At least not piecemeal
> like you're looking for.  Some (bust buy etc.) may carry the two lens
> kits of the 510/410, maybe even 420 by now.   As far as I know, though,
> that would be it.  
> Your trip timing lends itself to a trip up into the Skagit Valley for
> tulip festival http://www.tulipfestival.org/ .  It's technically over
> April 30, but I've heard our unseasonably cold spring may have prolonged
> the blooming time for the flora. May still be snow geese around as well.
> And the occasional bald eagle or two, like Mike has recently captured.  
> Then too, weather cooperating, there's nothing like a ferry ride from,
> and then back to downtown Seattle.  Right time of day, and again,
> weather being cooperative (I had eight inches of snow at my house, which
> is right outside the metropolitan region, Friday night), the skyline is
> quite photogenic.
> Your time's too short or I'd even recommend a trip five hours southwest
> to the Oregon Coast.  Some of the most photogenic coastline in this
> country if not the world.
> For shops, you'll have to take in Pike Place Market.  Famous for the
> fish tossing mongers.  Great eclectic mix of shops.  
> There are only a few of us in the region, but I'm sure you'll get lots
> of great suggestions.  I'll ruminate over it and may toss some more
> ideas your way.
> Sorry we can't be more cooperative in the gear hunting arena.  It's a
> pretty dry region for us connoisseurs of Oly SLR.
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> Subject: [OM] Seattle trip and questions about the FL-50 vs. FL-50R
> flashes
> Hi guys,
> As mentioned in my previous message (i.e. the TOPE 34 shooting  
> interval closure announcement), I'll be visiting my sister who lives  
> in Seattle, from May 3rd - May 11th.
> As this will be my first time to Seattle, I was wondering if someone  
> could perhaps give me some good recommendations for sightseeing, or  
> perhaps for interesting shops to visit. Naturally my sister should  
> already pretty well know where to go, and it looks like down-town  
> Seattle, the space needle, Snoqualmy (SP?), Mount Rainier and perhaps  
> Vancouver may make it to the program...
> Then, on another note, to make use of the good (for us Europeans, that  
> is) Euro - Dollar exchange rate, I think now would be an excellent  
> time to buy an external flash for my Oly E-500. The ones that tempt me  
> most, are the FL-50 and the FL-50R, however, unfortunately lately I've  
> had (and will continue to have) preciously little time to do my own  
> research, so I'm hoping to rely on your expertise for a few questions:
> 1) To FL50 or to FL-50R? From what I heard (but haven't verified it  
> myself) the FL-50R version is intenden for the E-3 and supports off- 
> camera flash? If so, that would be a nice extra, even if at present I  
> have no E-3 body... Also, my father came across an FL-50 for around  
> $370 and an FL-50R for around $440. Can anyone tell me if the 'R'  
> addition is well-worth those additional $70 (I would guess yes)?
> 2) What would be a good place to buy one (i.e. low-cost...), either in  
> Seattle or by mail-order (in advance to my trip over there)?
> 3) Is anyone aware of any special offers that are currently available  
> somewhere?
> 4) Anything else that people can recommend me flash-wise?
> 5) Just wishful thinking, probably, but are there by any chance also  
> good offers on E-3 bodies, and/or perhaps combinations of an E-3 with  
> an FL-50R (and/or 1 or 2 lenses)?
> O.k., I hope you guys can give me some good advise; even if it  
> consists of solely your thoughts, rather than facts....:)
> Cheers!
> Olafo
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