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Subject: [OM] Re: OT Eyeglasses
From: Andrew Fildes <afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 08:51:05 +1000
The advice all seems straightforward.
Avoid chains - it's the fast food equivalent. (Cheap but crap).
Why would one go to an 'optician' anyway?
They're in the business of selling frames.
It's a fashion business.
And whatever else we are, fashionable we ain't.

I go to an optometrist.
I treat it like a trip to the doctor or dentist.
I have a two-yearly check-up.
I want to be tested for changes and glaucoma.
He sells frames too but that's the back end of the business.

When I found progressives to be awful, I had Lasik.
Worked for me, very well and I'm VERY nervous about my eyes.
I know lots of people who've had it and haven't heard of one problem.
That includes people who had the older forms of the treatment.
Not one, although I'm sure that Fox News can find enough for a scare  
But then, I consider Fox and the like to be terrorists.
They habitually inspire terror in the civilian population.
That's the definition innit?

I tried getting an optician to make me reading glasses.
They cost a lot and were never quite right.
I buy cheap reading glasses from the computer market.
$5 a pair. Some are lousy, most are fine.
I can read just fine and I don't get a headache or effects.
+1.5 for reading, +2.0 for computer.
I can afford to lose them and I can leave a pair everywhere.
They break after a while - so what?
The $20 versions from the chemist (drug store) are more robust).

Last week in the Charity Shop I found a pair of prescription readers.
They're the best pair I've ever had - I think I'll get them copied.
Quite thick lenses but they seem to have an extended range.
 From 150mm to 800mm useable (perhaps 200-700mm optimal).
That's what - about 12" to 30" - brilliant.
So it is possible.

Tip of the week - for chimping I use a cheap pair of +3.0.
That is, around double my normal need.
I keep a pair with each kit.
The extra magnification makes a huge difference.
They come in handy for close work too.
Like making jewellry out o dead lenses. :-)
I teach a class of seniors about digital photography every week.
(Even curmudgeons end up doing something for nothing).
It's the second thing I tell them.
They are always grateful.

Andrew Fildes

On 27/04/2008, at 2:34 AM, Garth Wood wrote:

> Yeah, here in Canada one of the (inter)national chains is  
> Lenscrafters.
>   Their "advisors" are usually CYT's (Cute Young Things) who've had
> about two days' worth of training and are simply glorified saleswomen
> whose job is to up-sell you into really expensive designer frames.   
> Easy
> on the eyes, though (no pun intended).

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