[OM] Re: Seattle trip and questions about the FL-50 vs. FL-50R flashes -

Subject: [OM] Re: Seattle trip and questions about the FL-50 vs. FL-50R flashes - also Metz Mecablitz 58 AF-1
From: "Leandro DUTRA" <leandro.gfc.dutra@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 10:00:34 -0300
2008/4/29 Olaf Greve <ogreve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> the choice has just been
>  narrowed down to the FL-50R and the Metz Mecablitz 58 AF-1. This is
>  where matters become a bit vague for me. From the specs it sounds like
>  they're almost the same

Word in the street — and this list — is that the Metz Mecablitzes are
better built than anything else but the Quantums.

> but the Metz seems to have the advantage that
>  it's probably slightly cheaper and can have its firmware upgraded by
>  USB, which may or may not prove to be handy in this digital age.

It will come handy, even because at least until a couple of weeks ago
Metz hadn't yet reverse-engineered Olympus' remote protocol.

Also, the Metz Mecablitzes have a secondary fill-in flash for use when
you are bouncing the main flash, which will be useful in all but the
Panasonic L1 and Leica Digilux 3 bodies, which have builtin flash
lamps that can be used instead as fill-in lamps.

>  Speaking of which: does anyone know if the firmware (if any) in the
>  FL-50R is also upgradable?

Never heard of that.  I would guess not.

>  Also, I would guess the Metz is better interchangeable with other
>  brands, in the event I want to use it someday on a different brand body.

I heard you can use the firmware intended for other systems if you
like, but no confirmation on that yet.

>  Either way, intuitively I'm inclined to give the Oly one the edge. So
>  I'm still open for good reasons to buy either the one or the other,
>  and one of my doubts is the current support for the 4/3 standard...
>  Anyone who can comment on this?

I don't suppose the Four Thirds standard covers flash, but the TTL
support is there.  Only the remote protocol is (was?) still missing.

>  Finally: most likely I will have to make a decision today or tomorrow
>  (in order to leave time for ordering it), and I'm wondering if there
>  are perhaps any good accessories (or perhaps even combined deals) that
>  would be very smart to buy along with it. Right now, a softbox and an
>  off-camera TTL cable spring to mind. Can anyone comment on this too?

You may want bounces and diffusers.

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