[OM] Salvaging an Epson 1290 ...

Subject: [OM] Salvaging an Epson 1290 ...
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 18:38:45 +0100
Well chaps, notwithstanding my (slight) rudeness about the quality of  
the picture on TVs in the US (20 years ago), please may I have some  

I have an Epson 1290 with which I have been using a Fotospeed Crystal  
Dye set of ink tanks piped to the print head.  One of the colours has  
stopped feeding at any reasonable rate and colours are poor.  I am  
using a proprietary head cleaner to clean out the jets, a bottle of  
cleaning agent with a syringe provided, but I'm having little  
success.  Would a cleaning tank do the trick, followed by using proper  
Epson inks again?

Any advice would be gratefully accepted (after all, i didn't mention  
anything about the content of TV 20 years ago ... ;-))


~~ >-)-
C M I Barker
Cambridgeshire, Great Britain.
www.threeshoes.net & homepage.mac.com/zuiko

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