[OM] Re: Tripod height

Subject: [OM] Re: Tripod height
From: "Jay Drew" <dreaded@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 19:24:22 -0700
Like Chuck, I too have a Bogen 3021 Pro (alas, now extinct, just like my OM).  I
am 5'9" and an OM body with winder on top of a Bogen geared head is at eye level
with the legs extended and the center post all the way down.  If I flip to
portrait mode the viewfinder comes down a few inches.

I mention the head since my geared head is several inches taller than my
Acratech ball head and you should take that into consideration as well.

I am curious as to the distaste for the use of the center post.  I would readily
agree that fully extended it would be prone to vibration.  Someone posted here
(can't remember who or when) that he did not fully extend the third section -
smallest - of the legs on his tripod finding that that led to more vibration.
My totally unscientific study of tapping on the tripod with the small legs fully
and partially extended seemed to give that theory credence.  So I trade off the
not fully extended small section with elevating the post.  And I bet that if I
were using a carbon fiber tripod, a lot of the vibration would be cut.  But
seeing as how my company is going through layoffs next week, now is not the time
to be springing for that dream.  Plus my wife would scold me about where the
heck do we put that, because I would probably keep the 3021 as well.

But whatever you chose, tell us how it goes so we can lust vicariously.


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