[OM] Re: Unitarians, was: OT event photos

Subject: [OM] Re: Unitarians, was: OT event photos
From: "Leandro DUTRA" <leandro.gfc.dutra@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 08:51:33 -0300
2008/5/28 Andrew Fildes <afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> 'Never send to ask for whom the bell tolls...'
> Of course they did but then Buddhism managed to become a religion...

What Donne has to do with the Buddha?

> Perhaps what I should have said is that Kant disposed of the
> spiritual basis of morality?

Again, he tried to.  And in doing so... no, I will leave you to
someone who can express it better than myself:

> Anyway, we're into Nietzsche at the moment and that's a very
> different ballpark.

Yes, Nietzsche would be the apex of human autonomy and thus the
precursor to the horrors of totalitarism.

Are you sure you want to go down this path?  I don't think I want to,
at least not this week.

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