[OM] Re: Back, but OT

Subject: [OM] Re: Back, but OT
From: Ali Shah <alizookoman@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 06:16:01 -0700 (PDT)
Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

- Ali

--- Bob Whitmire <bwhitmire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey!
> Well, I managed to get all my work done, all shops
> and galleries  
> stocked, everything ready for the season. That's the
> good news. The  
> bad news is that Number 2 Son, age 22, with autism,
> is currently at  
> Maine Medical Center in Portland with endocarditis,
> an infection of  
> the heart. Actually, the Infectious Disease docs
> have not been able  
> to determine the site of the infection, so he's
> being treated as  
> though it's a worse-case scenario. That means two
> very potent  
> antibiotics, each of which has a set of nasty
> potential side effects.  
> So far, so good. No more bacteria in his blood
> cultures. He's vastly  
> improved and starting to gain back some weight.
> (He'd been sick for  
> some time, and because there were _no_ markers for
> what he had, we  
> missed it until it became obvious.)
> We hope today he'll be moved to a facility closer to
> home (right now  
> it's a 130 mile round trip). He's been in Maine Med
> for a week, and  
> his mom has not stirred from his side. I'm home for
> a few hours to do  
> and collect laundry and then it's back to Portland
> to see if we can  
> move him today. They said he'll need to be
> hospitalized for six full  
> weeks, counting time already served.
> So, I would appreciate any and all prayers said for
> Benjamin  
> McClintock Whitmire, and for those of you who don't
> pray, or don't  
> pray enough (I know who I am <g>), some positive
> thoughts would not  
> be out of line.
> Thanx, and I'll be back!
> --Bob Whitmire
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