[OM] Re: Panasonic G-1 - micro 4/3 camera

Subject: [OM] Re: Panasonic G-1 - micro 4/3 camera
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 14:46:25 -0700
Andrew Fildes wrote:
> To some extent - I've owned both the Epson RD-1s and M8 and had trouble 
> focussing well, especially with the M8 (holding it for left eyed use, I 
> tended to occlude the RF patch window dammit). The Epson was easier to use. 
> But, I've also owned a Contax G1 and loved it - never got to the G2 which had 
> a better AF system.
Still trying to get this straight. So the RD-1s and M8 both use classic 
mechanical rangefinders for focus - and you had focus troubles with both.

Then the Contax G1 isn't really a rangefinder, in the classic sense, as 
it has no mechanical rangefinder and uses electronic AF. You loved using it.
> The advantage with a 4/3rd rangefinder would be live view for wide and tele, 
> obviating the need for auxilliary finders. It should work really well as a 
> Leica/Contax style AF RF. That's what I'd queue up for, oh yes.
So it appears that you want a high quality digital camera with the form 
factor of a rangefinder, interchangeable lenses, AF, a high quality 
zooming optical viewfinder (I assume this from the G1) covering 
something like 28-135mm eq. and a live view LCD for all focal lengths.

If that's correct, then I have been confused because, although you say 
you want a digital rangefinder camera, that is really a misnomer. You 
appear to be desiring a rangefinder-like AF camera.

Have I got that part right yet?

If one choses to equate AF with rangefinding, which is a view that may 
be argued to be technically true, the problem is that all digicams, 
pocket to monster DSLR, are then rangefinders - and confusion reigns 

Are you looking for a camera that can also use existing RF lenses? It 
would certainly be interesting to use a short register distance and 
moving mount and/or sensor (ala Contax) to allow almost any lens with 
adapter to have AF.


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