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Subject: [OM] Re: 5dmarkII
From: <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 05:01:53 +0000
One of the primary reasons I bought a 5D is that it not only focuses fast and 
accurately but it also does so in extremely low light... and in complete 
darkness with the focus assist light on the flash.  If you want to test your  
autofocus try it on a dark dance floor at a wedding reception after the DJ has 
turned down the lights.  The 5D with a 2.8 lens handles that just fine.

Chuck Norcutt

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>  usher99@xxxxxxx wrote:
>  > Much dissing on dprev.---same AF as 5D and ergonomic complaints. It 
> doesn't appear Canyon has totally solved their AF issues---they reportedly 
> put big bucks and personnel on the problem.
>  Huh? Did I miss a memo? I've never been aware of any focus problem with
>  the 5D. You mean all those pics I thought were sharp are actually out of
>  focus? Darn!
>  Seriously, I haven't heard of any such thing, nor encountered it. I'm
>  aware of the focus issues with the 1D MkIII, but I thought the cause had
>  been finally identified and cured.
>  Sure this isn't another of the imaginary issues some folks on forums
>  invent in order to have things to rant about?
>  Ergonomic complaints before the thing has been in anybody's hands yet? Feh!
>  The body, while similar to the 5D, is somewhat different. And they moved
>  the ISO button where it belonged in the first place. Confusing to anyone
>  using both, but still - getting it right can't be all bad. How can
>  anybody tell what it will feel and operate like without using it?
>  No, I'm not diving into that dpreview forum snakepit. Life is sweeter
>  without it.
>  Moose
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