[OM] Re: It is now official - My primary camera bag is now a Digital-Fre

Subject: [OM] Re: It is now official - My primary camera bag is now a Digital-Free Zone
From: "iwert bernakiewicz" <zuikooh@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 20:29:45 +0100
> Yes, the OM4Ti can be used in manual mode exactly like the OM3Ti.  (which I
> wasn't fully aware of until I got to actually use it this weekend)  There
> is
> nothing really new that the 3Ti brings to the table EXCEPT for those 4-hour
> time exposures this winter which I've been fretting about making happen.
> (another photo inspiration needing execution, but was battling technical
> limitations).  These are just cameras, but these are cameras one WANTS to
> use.  It's like a pianist that prefers a Bossendorfer because of the
> tactile
> characteristics, even though a Steinway sounds better.  But in today's
> recordings or stage performances, a Yamaha S90es keyboard will trump both
> in
> "sound quality".
> The OM-3Ti, like the Leica M-series, just feels different.  Even the
> charcoal-colored finish on the camera changes the tactile feel--similar to
> that between a black OM-1/2 and a chrome OM-1/2.  The fingerprints just
> grip
> the surface differently.
> AG
> This is very true, and one of the reasons I like having OM-camera's, or
even the pen series.
It is the same as drawing tools. I'm particularly attached to pentel fine
MF-50 pens for my drawing, and Pentel has decided to replace thes with a
NMF-50 model which inherites the ink but not the very fine form. I cannot
bring myself to draw with the new one and have scored all available ones to
have a little stock, which is dwindling faster than wanted. I know the new
one has te same ink and same point, but the experience is NOT the same...

The OM-aesthetics are very important to me for the same reason. I can keep
on looking at these tools, just as I love an old coathanger in our corridor.
I do not have the same experience with digital cameras yet.


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