Re: [OM] 1TB drives now under $100

Subject: Re: [OM] 1TB drives now under $100
From: "Daniel Sepke" <daniel.sepke@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 20:37:38 -0500

It depends on the motherboard you have in your machine. Check the makers
site as depending on age you may find it has a couple of ports, even if it
is three or four years old it may have some. 

If the board you have doesn't support them I would personally consider a
trade up of motherboard over adding a SATA controller. It can be affordable
especially when recycling some of your old machine in the process. I have
just built 12 machines for work based on the affordable yet surprisingly
powerful Intel DG31PR motherboard, hitched to an E8400 C2D processor and 2Gb
of RAM. This combo has a total cost around $300 depending on if you need to
upgrade the power supply. The board has four SATA ports but still supports
one channel of IDE controller for legacy drives and CD-ROM drives (mixing
HDD and optical on the same buss will slow down the HDD data rate though).
The board also has a floppy controller and PS/2 peripheral support which
makes it a good choice of transitional builds and rebuilds of older
machines. This does assume that you have a full copy of Windows to reload on
the newer drive too.

Dan S.

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From: John Hermanson
Subject: Re: [OM] 1TB drives now under $100

My computer has eide drives, If I put in a sata drive, will that plug
directly into the motherboard or is there some kind of sata adapter
board involved?
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