Re: [OM] ( OM ) Express parcel Post from Melbourne, Australia

Subject: Re: [OM] ( OM ) Express parcel Post from Melbourne, Australia
From: "Wayne Harridge" <wayneharridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 21:58:40 +1000
> I've been waiting for something that looks like a greatly magnified PEN
> with
> a supplementary finder on top, since being notified that it was posted
> to me
> on    Aug 25, 2009    3:06pm   CROYDON POST SHOP
>   Express International Parcel Post at
> http://www.auspost.com.au/track/
> then the message below gives the latest location  ... ... ...
> EQ003523151AU AUSTRALIA       NEW ZEALAND     Your item
> arrived at the international processing centre in MELBOURNE at 10:50pm
> on 26 Aug 2009, and is ready for processing.
> So; 31 hours to move across one city
> It's now 1 September;  5 days later and it's still in the city.
> I probably haven't done my cause any good, but I couldn't resist
> sending
> their enquiry people a message that read in part " In the context of
> Express
> Post International, how is the word "Express" interpreted by Australia
> Post?
> "
> As far as I can tell they shut down totally over the weekend.

Yeah, well Australia Post, an interesting organization !

I once won an *b*y auction, payed with P*yp*l and the seller notified me
that he had posted the item.  The seller was located about 20km away from my
office where I have such things delivered.  3 weeks later I contact the
seller saying that the item hasn't arrived, he gives me a refund on the item
then another week passes and the item arrives.  I checked the post mark on
the parcel and the date corresponded to the date the seller said he had
posted it.  So where did that lens go for 4 weeks ?


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