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Subject: Re: [OM] OT: Printers
From: Candace Lemarr <CandaceRocks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 08:19:13 -0600
Thank you for this. I did see the info about the Canon hack online. Some 
people said it was better to buy from Canada where the Canon printers 
come with the cd print capability already. I need to research this further.
Can you tell me how flexible the cd print software is? Do I have free 
range to make the label in any layout I choose? Can I change font, font 
size, move it around, and put a full image on the label?
I don't personally know anyone with a canon printer to tell me what the 
print quality is. I would hope I could safely assume that the photo 
quality of the printing whether on a disc or photo paper is acceptable.


Daniel Sepke wrote:
> Candace,
> You may want to consider one of the Canon's. Most of the models sold here in
> the US can be hacked to print on CD's with the removal of a cover plate, the
> purchase of the correct CD carrier and a software switch in the printer. The
> feature is disabled due to "marketing agreement" with Epson. The hack even
> works on the pro9000 and pro9500. I have one of the mid level ones (the
> iP4500 I think); it came with free with a G9 and at retail was maybe $90. It
> uses one half (RGBK) of the ink set that the pro9000 uses plus an extra
> black. I haven't used it for much photo printing but what it has done has
> been good. My main use has been cranking out CD's of the recital recordings
> I occasionally do.
> HTH, Dan.

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