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Subject: Re: [OM] OT: Printers
From: Candace Lemarr <CandaceRocks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 09:58:24 -0600
Yes, the Springs has changed so much in the last 25 years.
Last time I was there was about...12 years ago I think. Crazy how times 
flies. Anyhow, I couldn't believe how it had "grown up". I didn't care 
for it, really. I'm a small town sorta gal. I remember traveling to 
Denver for Sports meets and telling my friends, "Some day this will all 
be city from the Springs to Denver". And now it is.

And those true blue Colorado skies on a crisp winter day with the sun 
sparkling off the snow....I absolutely love it. But, I think I am more 
fond of the beautiful fall season and blue skies, probably only because 
it's not so cold. Of course, the weather is dramatically different over 
here, only 20 miles east of the Utah border. It more closely resembles 
the type of weather they see in Las Vegas, but with a bit more snow in 
the winter. :-)

I used to work in "old downtown CS", I can so appreciate your experience!


Ken Norton wrote:
> Candace wrote:
>> 1984-85? I lived there then. Graduated from High-school that year, too.
> Graduated in 1984, moved that summer.  18 months later the organization I
> was with went belly up and I moved back to Michigan where I studied at a
> community college until sufficiently educated to get a real job instead of
> flipping burgers at the Golden Armpits.
> Bought an OM-2S and the rest is history.
> What I really appreciated about Colorado Springs is that in the wintertime
> the sun actually shines.  Yes, you get snow, but those are "events", whereas
> in western Michigan it can snow every day (if not non-stop) for days or
> weeks at a time.
> What is such a hoot about the Springs is that it has grown up so much in the
> past 25 years that what used to be "beyond the sticks" is now deep in town.
> I was there for only two weeks when I was sent on an errand to the old
> downtown. It wasn't all that far from where I was at--maybe three minutes
> away if you caught the lights right.  Half an hour later I still couldn't
> find it. The buildings there were all newer than the ones in my home town.
> It was "touristy", but again, that wasn't much of a help since I grew up in
> a tourist town.
> AG

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