Re: [OM] Another overpriced 3Ti on the 'bay

Subject: Re: [OM] Another overpriced 3Ti on the 'bay
From: Chris Crawford <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 15:36:55 -0500

That's an awesome photo, I love the warm colors and patterns. My question
though is this: Would it have been any different had you used the OM-4T or
an OM-1 or a Nikon or... ? I'd argue that it wouldn't. Especially if you
used a different Olympus body (different manufacturers lenses can render
color warmer or cooler, so that might affect the image).

My point in the previous email on this thread was that owning a certain
camera cannot make you a better photographer. It might motivate you, but I'd
rather see someone motivated by passion for the story he is telling, if he's
doing a type of photography that is about telling a story, like fine art or
journalism work, or even snapshots of his kids. If the work is purely
commercial, I'd even argue that its better to be motivated by making your
customer happy so you can get paid than to be motivated by gear. What if
your camera is stolen, lost, or broken? Maybe you can buy another, but do
you lose your motivation to do top-shelf work while you wait to find a
replacement? If you are a photographer, rather than a gear fondler, I'd say
no...you'll keep working with what you have and keep doing the best you can.

If it seems I've come down hard on you, its because you're a professional
photographer rather than a gearhead, but your posts on the 3Ti remind me of
the semi-religious bullshit that people are always saying about Leicas. That
foolishness has priced leicas out of reach of those who could do the best
work with them and has done the same to cameras like the OM-3Ti. That
saddens me, because these are professional cameras, not toys, but few get
used as they were intended.

A couple posts down from the leaf photo on the zone-10 site is a photo you
made of an old building in Iowa and an essay about finding interesting
things where you live instead of traveling to take pictures. THAT is
something that I wholeheartedly agree with, and is the polar opposite as a
philosophy of photography from the gearhead mentality.
Chris Crawford
Fine Art Photography
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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On 3/10/10 2:50 PM, "Ken Norton" <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> There are days when I'm challenged to "put up or shut up". So, here goes.
> On the www.zone-10.com website, I just posted a picture that I took back in
> October but just got the film back. As the notes say, other than curves and
> saturation adjustment in the Nikon software to get the scan to match my
> preferred visual interpretation of the slide, this is as-is straight out of
> the camera.
> OM-3Ti, Zuiko 35-80 F2.8, Fujichrome Provia 100F.
> For the diginistas, note that NO white-balance correction or warming filters
> were used. Yes, and this is in open shade.
> AG

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