[OM] E-510 "feature"

Subject: [OM] E-510 "feature"
From: <bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 10:04:05 +1300
Hi all 

For a while I have been puzzled by a feature of the E-510 which I found
annoying, but mostly it was a minor inconvenience. Until yesterday.

I was photographing flowers ( surprise - surprise - roses again, but a
different location) and there were fitful eddies of wind around as an
overhead gale was working up. But the light was nice.

Every time I pressed the shutter button there would be a pause of what
seemed to be 2 seconds before the exposure was made. A lot can happen in 2
seconds, and I was missing a lot of shots as the flower got moved again
after resting.

So I sat down and went over the controls.  I was using the tripod, and had
IS  set to OFF, so that wasn't it.  I checked the separate (button) control
for self-timer. That was off. 

So what could it be?

I went through the entire menu, and the very last entry is something I
don't recall seeing before ( but probably did) called anti-shake. It was
set to 1 second.

I set that to OFF, and exposures became near instantaneous. :-)


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