[OM] Pen F - some questions

Subject: [OM] Pen F - some questions
From: Martin Walters <mwalters@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 16:10:39 -0400
Couple of questions about Pen Fs.

1) Just acquired a nice Gothic F with matching 38mm F lens for a 
reasonable price (by present day standards). I've replaced the hinge 
seal and the mirror bump stops. There seems to be no seal in the top 
slot (unlike the FV). The F door doesn't have the cut out that the FV 
has by the counter-reset tab. Do I need foam there?

2) Having done all that, I find that the camera fires perfectly, until I 
put a lens on it, when the mirror sticks open. I presume that this means 
there's crud in the mechanism. Can this be rectified by removing the 
bottom cover, or is there more involved (I suspect that I know the 
answer, but I'll ask anyway)? Can the bottom cover be removed without 
anything falling out?

3)I'm looking for the correct case for a Pen 25/2.8. Since these cases 
are not marked, it's a bit of a challenge. Can anyone let me know the 
outside height of the case? The lens WILL fit in a case that's 2.75 
inches high, but that's quite tight.


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