Re: [OM] The viewfinder display I'd like to see

Subject: Re: [OM] The viewfinder display I'd like to see
From: Willie Wonka <alienspecimen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 11:44:59 -0700 (PDT)
How about viewfinder abolishment...especially the OM's...:) I was never able to 
keep the horizons straight with it.  It was bringing the image too close to my 
eye thus depriving me from the opportunity to "see the whole picture".  I still 
lament about the image on the ground glass of my Yashika D.
You can have a nice high resolution articulating display that you can stare at 
from any angle and distance you wish.  And if your Live View is really well 
implemented, you will never ever need the histogram in any shape or form
Picture this classic example of a person in front of a white wall on a bright 
sunny day:
You point the camera, compose and then play with the manual controls to get the 
optimal image.  You increase the speed and the image on the screen gets darker, 
showing you exactly how the final image would be.  Makes it for an easy 
low/high key...dof, etc.  By manually adjusting the settings, I can have the 
face exposed any way I want to.  Or if I see that the texture of the white wall 
is clipped completely and I am not happy about it, I could adjust my settings 
at the point right before the clipping occurs.  But see, I do know where the 
clipping occurs and by how much...I see it in real time, dont need yet another 
graph or symbol on the screen to tell me that.
But if you really kent live without the technology, you can just touch the 
place on the display where you want the camera to focus on then switch to 
exposure mode, touch the part that you want to have exposed "correctly", take a 
last look at the screen to see if you can live with the over/underexposed areas 
and snap...or you can use filters, or you can take few carefully selected 
images to compose and hdr image...
You can go back to focus mode, slide your finger over different areas on the 
screen that represent distant and close by objects, and see how dof changes, go 
back to exposure mode, slide your fingie again and see how the exposure 
changes...of course there are many other combinations, this is just a 
conversation starter intended to move your imagination.
My take on it.  BTW, these advances wont come to full fruition any soon, or at 
least not until customers stop demanding peepholes on their cameras.

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