[OM] 5D2 - onwership update no 3

Subject: [OM] 5D2 - onwership update no 3
From: SwissPace <ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 09:17:40 +0200
For the last few weeks its been lying unused, the fact is it's just 
easier to pick up and use the E-3 although I hope to have time to use it 
this weekend.

I have now installed the eyepiece and a split focussing screen from 
China, have the cheapo canyon 50/1.8 and a screen protector. I also 
ordered a second adapter from another supplier to see if the quality was 
any better than the existing one.

I can't believe I am so much fussier than you guys but I find the 
focussing screen bright in the clear circle but quite dark over the rest 
which gives me difficulty framing indoors it is definitely no OM3 
screen, I will test more over the Easter  weekend. The adapters are no 
where near the olympus quality and when fitted to the  lens there is 
about half a mm play in the movement in the adapter when clicked  and I 
find I am regularly having to tweak the 3 springs to keep the play down 
(and hence focus accuracy) in the other plane which may be caused by the 
adapter being slightly too big for the lens - the  new one is the same.  
I wonder if the quality of the newer adapters is not the same as earlier 
ones or maybe people are just using the wide angle zuiko's with them.

I still like the look and colours which coupled with the  depth of field 
give me closest look to film but I am beginning to regret my decision as 
the E-3 is not that far behind it or the E-1 ;-) which I wish I had kept 
and much easier to use with the digital zuikos, so now I guess I either 
sell the 5D2 and buy a small micro four thirds body OR sell some zuiko 
glass and buy a couple of canyon AF lenses and hope katzeye do a screen 
for it soon.

The other minus point is the size of the raw files and I haven't seen 
any tests comparing sraw1 and sraw2 with the latest firmware and as I 
have no time myself I am continuing to shoot raw, I now have a work 
around for this problem however with aperture now allowing easy multiple 
library management

Saying that the 5D2 has other features which helped my reasoning when I 
bought it i.e. video which as yet remains unexplored.


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