Re: [OM] 5D2 - onwership update no 3

Subject: Re: [OM] 5D2 - onwership update no 3
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 09:26:04 -0500
> I can't believe I am so much fussier than you guys but I find the
> focussing screen bright in the clear circle but quite dark over the rest
> which gives me difficulty framing indoors it is definitely no OM3
> screen, I will test more over the Easter  weekend.

Each of us have our own tolerances of acceptability. Which drives one person
bonkers is a non-issue to someone else. For me, viewfinder quality is HUGE
and a make/break.

I still like the look and colours which coupled with the  depth of field
> give me closest look to film but I am beginning to regret my decision as
> the E-3 is not that far behind it or the E-1 ;-) which I wish I had kept
> and much easier to use with the digital zuikos, so now I guess I either
> sell the 5D2 and buy a small micro four thirds body OR sell some zuiko
> glass and buy a couple of canyon AF lenses and hope katzeye do a screen
> for it soon.

So, I'm not TOTALLY out to lunch because I still prefer using my E-1?

I'm finding it fascinating that in 2010 we have to build up custom one-off
solutions to get a decent focus screen, but then you lose accurate exposure
metering. THIS 2010, NOT 1965!

As much as I want/need to get a new digital camera, it is so disappointing
to find that not a single one (other than the M9) offers the basic quality
and utility of the cameras from the '80s and '90s.

It's a form/function thing. The viewfinders have gotten horrid because you
don't need to manually focus because of auto-focus. But you need auto-focus
because the viewfinders are so horrid that you can't manually focus.

Less you think I'm picking on Canon, trust me, I'm not. Olympus has, other
than the E-3, made simply the worst viewfinders in the digital age.
Appalling viewfinders. Shameful. I may never buy another Olympus again
torrid. The E-3 is the best of the FourThirds cameras, but that's not saying
much. You still can't manually focus any lens with any sense of speed. And
given Olympus track-record of preserving good things, they'll probably trash
the viewfinder in the E-3 replacement.  I'm hoping that I'm wrong and
they'll pleasantly surprise me, but I'm not expecting much from them.

Saying that the 5D2 has other features which helped my reasoning when I
> bought it i.e. video which as yet remains unexplored.

I do two or three video projects a year and this is definitely on my
short-list of features to consider. Do I see new opportunities open up?
Nope. Seriously doubt it. By this point in my life if video hasn't totally
captured me, it probably never will. My chosen field of artistic expression
is different. But video is one of those things I do on occasion (actually I
do it every week, but that's another story), but has specific applications.
The disciplines of video and still photography are totally different.

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