Re: [OM] Questions about a camera Olympus Pen F

Subject: Re: [OM] Questions about a camera Olympus Pen F
From: John Hermanson <omtech1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 08:41:24 -0400
Sorry, the type of Pen F you bought is for use in the medical field.
Cone attaches to an endoscope (google it). Regular lens could be
attached (remove cone first) but the big problem is the focus screen.
Screen is clear, made for endoscope only, camera cannot be converted to 
a regular focus screen.
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José Adolfo Fernando Segura wrote:
> Hi! this afternoon I found and bought an old Pen F (I get it for
> $50.00). The curiosity is that in the rear is engraved ' Medical use
> type 1' Series number 120258 (maybe a 'connaisseur' could give me the
> year of production)
> The lens in the camera is as an inverted cone, Machida f:75 mm with a
> curious cap...in place of apertures there are only engraved 1 to 5 in
> Arabic ciphers. When turn approximate and become very clear image....
> (maybe would be better that I make a pic and put it in Pbase or
> Flickr).. The shutter is very special too and  difficult for me to
> explain  (English is my third language :) not still mastered)
> questions: 1) Do you know this kind of lens and the use? 2) I read is
> a 'half camera' that means that a 24 poses would give me 48 pics? 
> 3)There are in the List who have other lens that I could buy (out of
> list) for this camera 4) Do you know if there are adapter for using
> my OM system lens ?
> Thanks a lot! Gracias! JAS
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