Re: [OM] Olympus OM Series adapters

Subject: Re: [OM] Olympus OM Series adapters
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 08:02:00 -0400
As to reading manuals I have always found it a good idea to download the 
softcopy PDF version of the manual from the manufacturer's web site. 
This allows searching on those key words that never seem to appear in 
the skimpy or non-existent index or table of contents.

Most of you may already do this as a matter of course but I was 
surprised recently after mentioning it to a few acquaintances (not on 
this list) who had never thought of doing that or didn't know that most 
manufacturers of just about everything now have PDF manuals available 
for download.  I have PDF manuals for almost every piece of equipment I 
own be it a camera, telephone or a hot water heater.  With 160 page 
manuals now being commonplace for cameras and electronic gear a 
searchable softcopy version is near mandatory.

Chuck Norcutt

Chris Barker wrote:
> Reading the manual seems to be a good idea, sometimes ;-)
> For anyone with a GF-1 who wants to use the LCD magnification to assist with 
> focus, this is what you do:
> 1.    Fit manual lens
> 2.    Switch camera on.
> 3.    Press the left arrow key (marked with the focus assist frame).
> 4.    Press MENU/SET.
> Piece of antique urine!
> Thanks for getting me trying again, Andrew.
> Chris
> On 11 Apr 2010, at 10:48, Andrew Fildes wrote:
>> ?  Surely that's available. It is on the E-P1/2.
>> There you cycle through the info button option to get a green  
>> rectangle - then press the OK button. I've been doing it with hand- 
>> holding the Canon RF 100mm f2 and it's hard work (equivalent to  
>> holding a 1000mm + lens) but quite possible. The annoyance is that I  
>> can't change the ISO, etc in this mode as the arrow buttons now just  
>> move the magnification zone around. (Unuseful except for macro on a  
>> tripod!)
>> I know you can do it with a GF1 but I'm not sure how. You have to set  
>> to 'Shoot without Lens' in the menu - after that - read yer manual!
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