[OM] OT: the Nykon "compact" won the competition -- a re-think

Subject: [OM] OT: the Nykon "compact" won the competition -- a re-think
From: usher99@xxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2010 19:33:55 -0400
> So I paid the extra for the G12 and it feels like the right decision
> :-)
> Chris

That would have been my decision FWIW.  I will play with a G12 on Sat 
at the Hunt Photo show.
DXO will likely support it soon as they have the other G-series.  The 
raw file noise reduction algorithm seems to work well,
The converter seems fine (for the G9) and it fixes the linear 
distortion on the wide end like PT lens all in one action. The 
adds a tad of something.  It does an 80% job on 80% of the images for 
me.  Layered Neat image and PT lens in PS
may be very very close but is a little more work.  Still export a Tiff 
into PS if I have time for many.
The CHDK hackers will undoubted port the hack  within a few months.  I 
like the half press zebra mode and one can set the colors/pattern/ 
to signal blown highlights or lost shadows.  I have the hyperfocal 
distance calculator set to show as well.  The intervalometer scripts 
are very elegantly
written.   Have now clue how well the in cam HDR works.   The 
exposure/dof choices with these little sensor guys seem really more 
limited than first appears (sheep in wolf's clothing?) due to the 
diffraction limit at smaller apertures and the slowish lens as well as 
the large dof wide open.
Still pretty nice IQ within the limitations.  Wish they had an APS-C 

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