Re: [OM] Strictly OT: System Crash

Subject: Re: [OM] Strictly OT: System Crash
From: "Daniel Sepke" <daniel.sepke@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 19:36:07 -0400

May I recommend the freeware HotSwap to solve the hot swap problem. I have
been using it under XP for the last couple of years and recently migrated to
W7 (with a build very close to you dream system) and found HotSwap still
works fine. Though my current W7 load throws a fit if I just switch off the
dock which it didn't do with XP. Probably need to update the BIOS... :)

Dan S

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From: Moose [mailto:olymoose@xxxxxxxxx] 
Subject: Re: [OM] Strictly OT: System Crash

> If you're cloning or backing up to SATA drives then the BlacX is a good
> solution.
>    Moose and I have them.  They come in USB only or USB/eSATA combo
> interfaces.  I suggest the latter although it costs a bit more than USB
> only.

Yup, works well for me. When I first got it, I could hot swap drives by
rescanning in Storage Manager. Some upgrade or 
other appears to have killed that, so I do have to reboot anytime I plug in
or turn on ANY eSATA drive or swap drives in 
the BlacX. Might or might not be particular to my hardware, though.


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